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Job Title:  Enterprise Risk & Insurance Manager

Job Published On:  May 9, 2024
Job Location: 

Jeddah (Headquarter), SA

Job Role Description: 



The role main responsibilities to lead, manage, direct, and monitor all activities of the Enterprise Risk and Insurance Section within the Safety, Quality & Risk Department, and ensure that they are designed, developed, and implemented in alignment with SGS’ strategy. As well as ensuring that SGS Insurance Premiums are aligned with SGS Activities and risk, and insurance strategies are in place to reduce the cost of Insurance Premiums. 



  1. Contribute to the formulation of SGS’s Financial strategy.
  2. Ensure alignment of Risk Management efforts in implementing SGS’s Financial strategy.
  3. Monitor the development and implementation of the Risk Management policies, procedures, and processes
  4. Monitor performance of the Risk Management against KPIs and objectives on a regular basis. Recommend improvements and efficiencies in line with SGS’s corporate priorities.
  5. Monitor the annual budget of the Risk Management in collaboration with Finance.
  6. Manage relationships with government entities and ensure adherence to local laws, regulations, and guidelines.


  1. Set and direct the periodic revision of Risk management streams while coordinating properly with key stakeholders across SGS.
  2. Act as the principal Risk Management & Insurance advisor to executive leadership.
  3. Drive a strategic approach into the management of Risk management and insurance related matters.
  4. Ensure the development of effective working relationships between the Safety, Quality & Risk Department and other services across SGS.
  5. Oversee the Risk Management and Insurance capability which will support and enhance the expansion and Internal Controls agenda for SGS.
  6. Set a risk and insurance compliance framework for the firm in line with our principles and culture.
  7. Oversee the preparation of the monthly compliance reports for the relevant regulatory.
  8. To be the responsible individual for all policies on risk and compliance within the Office.
  9. Review Procedure Manual (the process of annual review) and proposing improvements to manage risk.
  10.  Participate in the further development of relevant risk management system matter level risk assessment system and to monitor and ensure the robust management of each individual danger matter notified under that system.
  11. Take robust appropriate action ensuring the effective management of risk within all danger matters in line with agreed policy – including consulting the Risk Committee on Reputational Risk & Conflict Group in complex cases.
  12. Investigate all breaches and near breaches of all regulations and statutes and report as required.
  13. Review each such incident of actual or near non-compliance and work with the business to remediate incidents of non-compliance and advice Senior Management on preventative strategies to avoid potential non-compliance issues.
  14. Provide guidance and recommendations on corrective actions or risk mitigation strategies in order to remediate non-compliant situations to Senior Management and Partners.
  15. Monitor the implementation progress of action plans designed to correct incidents of noncompliance or potential issues in policies, systems, or employee conduct.
  16. Follow up with those accountable for implementing remediation tactics, to ensure appropriate corrective actions or risk mitigations strategies are implemented fully within the required time frame.
  17. Structure and oversee independent reviews to evaluate emerging regulatory risks and control weaknesses identified in compliance activities.

People Management

  1. Provide professional development support and perform periodic performance reviews for direct subordinates based on SGS’s Performance Management System.
  2. Develop workforce plans and succession plans with the Human Resources Function for key positions in the Enterprise Risk & Insurance Section of the SQR Department.
  3. Work with the Human Resource Function to provide employees within the SQR department with the required competencies through appropriate and blended learning.
  4. Collaborate with the Human Resources Function for recruitment of talent within the SQR department.


Custom Field 5: 
Country/Region:  SA

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